Break Time K229 - Project Number: 2020-IT01-KA229-079019 - E-twinning Platform


Bullying Rudeness Exploits Against Kids, Time For Inclusion In Multicultural Europe


BREAK TIME (Bullying Rudeness Exploits Against Kids-Time For Inclusion In Multicultural Europe) has been thought to overcome all the problems related to students (age range 13-18) whose little motivation and high level of irritability and contentiousness against other students create difficult situations in everyday school life. The project and its objectives are created to improve and control students’ behaviours through specific and creative exercises conceived to reduce conflicts among them.

The main object of the project is to provide inclusive education and learning opportunities to be suitable for children’s needs, provide safe, non-violent, inclusive learning environments for all.To reach these goals we will organize activities for inclusion as “educational games” through which students can learn rules, reflect on their behaviour, experience cooperative situations and act as inclusive group in non-formal education lessons.


The objectives of the project are:
To increase students’ self-expression skills and self-confidence
To reduce the rate of students being affected by violent behaviours
To foster inclusion and reduce early school abandonment in the schools involved (through the analysis and contributions of the students themselves)
To Increase students’ European awareness and knowledge and reflection about both European values and European cultural heritage
To Develop students’ counsciousness about the importance of learning process throught non formal education classes
The sub-objectives ‘ project addressed to reach the objectives are:
To provide teachers and students with knowledge, tools and experiences necessary to embed observed good practice into non-formal education
To support personal development, cultural understanding, European citizenship
To create real cooperative learning groups improving and enhancing everyone’s skills


At the beginning of the project, all participants involved in the given project, will be registered on the TwinSpace platform. They will get usernames and passwords in order to have an access to the project’s materials (all
activities, instructions, materials, results, dissemination activities that will be shared on the TwinSpace). After the registration, all participants will create their profiles. Thus, all participants can be acquainted with each other beforehand.
Students and teachers will create project activities (a blog/ collaborative writing) and store the project work. In the File archive, students are going to store Excel sheets, Word documents, photos/videos of the project activities and other files related to the project work. In the Forum, we are going to discuss different topics on the certain theme and set project tasks. In the Image Gallery, participants are going to store photos/ digital images related to the project work, scanned images and so on.


We will use eTwinning platform for implementation, dissemination and follow-up process of our project.
Our main goals of using eTwinning are:
– to reach the participants who haven’t joined the mobilities from all partner organisations
– to inform other organisations about gains of our project to the rest of our partners
– to support project’s objectives strongly with studies which are not included in LTT plan but appropriate for eTwinning platform